WordPress 101

Posted by on Dec 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

I have been fascinated by web 2.0 for a number of years and have been following it’s trends in social media. There are a number of
blogs that I read on a regular basis and toyed with the idea of starting a blog, however where was I supposed to start?

To gather more information I attended various social media events like Barcamp, Third Tuesday, Ottawa Podcasters, read a lot of blogs on a variety of topics and even read a book on blogging.

So armed with all this information, WordPress was the lucky winner for the blogging tool and I was confident that I would get it up and running in no time. I diligently followed the directions by the webhost to install, waited for my login and password and logged in. Now what? I clicked randomly at the various menu items, played around with the code and ended up with this.

Totally discouraged I let it go for a week and brought this up at one of the discussions at Podcamp. I mentioned that I was under the impression that this was a plug and play tool but in reality it was not so and needed a bit of a learning curve to get up and running. It was suggested that if I had a lot of blog ideas that I should get them out there and the path of least resistance was to set up an account in WordPress and link it to my website. This was very tempting, however I had been developing websites for years with HTML and various content managers how difficult could XHTML or PHP be? So I gave it one more try.

After deleting WordPress, I re-installed it, logged in as admin and this is what I saw. I also typed in www.virtualeyesee.com/blog in another window to see what was going on. Not liking the default I decided to change it, this time I proceeded with caution and read the menu items carefully.

Options seemed like a good place to start and there were a
lot of sub menu items here.

General – most of the info. requested here looked straightforward. I was not sure about the date and time formats so found some more information here.

Presentation was next and I definitely hit the jack pot with this option. This is where the templates were hiding. I browsed through the themes and finally selected something very simple. If you still want more templates there are a lot of free ones out there. Once I selected a theme I got another sub menu which had theme editor. Great I was now able to customize the template to what I wanted. A quick scan of the menu items on the right hand side showed some file names that I recognized.

Stylesheet is just a way to describe the layout of the page in terms of colors, font etc… You can customize it to whatever you want.

Header and footer are self explanatory. I made changes to a few of the files however needed to get rid of some of the menu items in the Pages section (under Search). Manage pages is the one for customizing these items.

I now have a basic template. Voila, my first post!!!