Women 2.0

Posted by on Dec 5, 2007 in Events

I just came back from a very invigorating session, hosted by Women 2.0 on leadership. Jen Hunter from The Learning Catalyst started the session of with two questions. “Who are you as a leader? and What is your burning question about leadership?

The common theme was that we liked to connect with people, talk to them, engage them, help others out and most importantly we were passionate about what we were doing.

Jen mentioned some really great books to read on leadership and we ended the session with a fun exercise, Getting to the Hear of the Matter, Discovering & Connecting with your Inner Leader!

The questions were simple however they really got me to reflect internally and re-discover the times that I did my greatest work, what attracted me to the work I do … and finally hopes for the future. This format was based on team work and I got to interview Melanie Gallant who is very passionate about women 2.0 and the possibilities for the future.