Running your Blog like a Pro

Posted by on Oct 5, 2008 in Events

David Peralty was the second presenter at WordCamp Toronto and he went into details about Running your Blog like a pro.

David Peralty

Here are some great tips.
Create quality content constantly and consistently

  • post every day
  • research your topic
  • prove your passion or expertise, research goes a long way

Stop copying- be unique

  • when a big news story happens, come up wth a unique angle
  • Stop following the crowd
  • Generic posts and comments are worthless

What stories Wow you?

  • proof of expertise
  • interview of interesting people
  • breaking news
  • dissection of something cool?

Promote your content

  • network with others
  • stumbleupon, mixx, reddit, digg, delicious, magnolia and more
  • comment on other blogs

Getting more comments

  • ask questions
  • leave an open ending
  • be controversial
  • respond to comments!

People are too lazy

  • make commenting easy
  • no captchas
  • no interim pages
  • low number of required fields
  • thank peope for commenting

Getting links takes time

  • create compelling content
  • link bait
  • guest post
  • create services
  • try other media (video and/or audio)

Link Bait isn’t a bad thing

  • make it long
  • make it detailed
  • make it easy to digest
  • make it funny
  • make it useful
  • make it hard to replicate

Increasing revenue is easy

  • try other ad systems
  • test other ad placements
  • direct ad sales

Don’t be afraid of ads

  • you deserve to monetize
  • you are creating quality content
  • you are providing a valuable service
  • you are working hard

Direct Ad sale tips

  • who is advertising on your competition?
  • who would you like to have advertise?
  • ask everyone! ther worst they can say is “NO”

Secondary Benefits

  • book deals
  • job offers
  • speaking opportunities
  • hi everyone

Make everything totally dummy proof

  • can I contact you?
  • can I easily advertise with you?
  • can I easily promote your content?

Find the limiting factor

  • Do you need more links?
  • Do you need more advertising?
  • Do you need more content?
  • Do you need SEO?
  • Do you need more contacts?

Disclaimer: These are notes taken during the event therefore excuse the spelling, grammar and typos