Video Blogging at WordCamp Toronto

Posted by on Oct 5, 2008 in Events

The afternoon at WordCamp Toronto, started off with Mark McKay talking about video blogging.

Mark McKay

He showed us some examples of videos on You Tube. Happy Hour is his own show. Dear Toronto has their own style of videos.

He will be on MTV on Thursday at 6pm with his view on the election.

How to make a better video blog?

  • Think before you speak
  • Plan out what you want to do or say
  • Video about 2 minutes
  • Compress video before uploading

Saw the 61second video posted on Michael Geist, Boing boing

Learnt about video microblogging, 12 seconds

Lot’s of software out there and use whatever you have available to you. Vegas, Premier and Avid.

Take note of the lighting in the room

Video sharing great on WordPress, Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, Mdialogu, TubeMogul,
Talked about Viral Videos by entering contests. Have no plans to make money of the videos and just wanted to get noticed.

Mark has a green screen in his basement and now paints a wall green where he lives. Today it takes the form of a green fabric and has good lighting. DVgarage is a great plugin.

Convergence of a video blog and TV station. Each video blog is a show. Try to keep it to all one idea. Video blog is the internets version of a TV show.
Give it away and let people watch it.

Disclaimer: These are notes taken during the event therefore excuse the spelling, grammar and typos