Photo Blog by Rannie Turingan @ #wcto08

Posted by on Oct 4, 2008 in Events

Rannie Turingan has an amazing photo blog all designed with …..Wordpress. This was great for all the budding photographers at WordCamp Toronto.
Advanced Options – things to setup before you setup your gallery.

Rannie Turingan


Image sizes

the main picture per post is defaulted as medium 300. Can change to whatever size you like.

Medium size – 600×900

Nice thing about gallery, upload a picture that is greater than the 600 width. It will keep this pic. in the data base and the thumbnail size.

Navigation codes for your templates is hard to find this. If using a template then you need as this is part of the theme templates not custom. For posts that have galleries then add this to the code of the template.

Rannie gave a live update of the photos that he took all morning at WCTO08.
The medium and thumbnails are created as the pictures are being downloaded.

Browser crash, browser crash……

Tip don’t click anywhere else as the pictures are being downloaded as the script will stop running.

Always shoot raw and small jpg. Small jpg is web ready and allows for quick downloads.

Q? of re-sizing of images on the fly. Online media quality is an issue. Are you dealing with that by pre-set image size.

A It’s and event photo session, on the fly, 200 pixels larger. I do not do much re-touching for the blog. For my portfolio, all of them are sized appropriate for the site.

A lot his pictures are on Flickr as well

Q workflow apeture or lightroom

A not on any of them, photoshop

Q do you know if there is a plugin that allows for geo tagging, meta tagging

A don’t use plugins if I have to

Check out IDee Inc for unauthorized use of your photos.

Back to demo … re-order the photos as per your preference. Publish, voila

Disclaimer: These are notes taken during the event therefore excuse the spelling, grammar and typos