#WCTO08 Joe Thornley gets us engaged

Posted by on Oct 4, 2008 in Events

Word Camp Toronto 2008? just got underway, yeah. I am looking forward to this weekend, a lot of great presentations and discussions. A tonne of great people to meet.

Follow the tweets, #WPTO08. Engaging presentation by Joe Thornley. Just found out about 10Downing Street blog, tweets.

WordPress Plugin by #WPTO08 attendees.

open ID extended the authentication wpopenid

praized local search directory,yelp for a blog

first admin plugin for the iphone

comment analysis plugin

wpi – management of multiple blogs

wp idealian category enhancements changes the category templaging mechanism

wpdiso? social networking profile on blog

Attendee wordpress websites..
Cambridge Voice

Live Conference


Nevada Foundation


Enterprise Forum Link

Cherryvale uses the revolution plugin

Time for a break.