Barack Obama’s visit to Ottawa

Posted by on Feb 19, 2009 in Analysis, Events

I had to do it i.e. talk about Obama’s visit to Canada.  I stayed away from the downtown core as I am sure the roads would be blocked with heavy security.  I’ts been amazing following the conversations on the social media channels that I subscribe to. A friend talked about a sniper being on the roof next to him, another waving to Obama as he passes by.

I am happy to say that in keeping with the new media theme a lot of the traditional media outlets and now using new media so for those that don’t watch tv they can still know what’s going on.

The photo below is from The Province.


So here’s a summary of where you can catch the conversation online

It all started with Welcome Obama to Canada by Scott Lake.  Then there’s the Hill Cam to see what the crowd looks like.

So to follow the conversations on Twitter serch for #obamawa and on identica search for obama.

Live blogging from Shane Dingman is live blogging for the National Post,  White House, CBC new Macleans, The citizen,

Other channels


CTV news


Update: YouTube Video by DaniGirl.