Social Media Moms Nite Out – May 4, 2009

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“I don’t have time to learn about these new internet technologies.

They did not have this when I was growing up.

I don’t see the point of it. It’s for my 15 year old.”

If you are a mom or grandmom and this is something that you would say, it’s about time you stopped saying this. It’s time to try something fun, exciting, unique, new and daring and come to Social Media Mom’s Nite Out.

Join us for an evening of fun, meet other great moms, have some drinks/snacks and participate in an evening of social media discovery. Space is limited so sign up for this fun filled activity.

This unique experience will be on Thursday May 28th from 7-9pm. You will learn all about social media tools like blogs, Twitter, social networks, YouTube, Flickr. How other moms connecting online using these tools. They don’t just talk about their kids and grand kids.

Be prepared to be shocked, thrilled and inspired. Age is not an excuse to not attend.

For further details check our Press Release.

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Natasha D’Souza is founder of Virtual EyeSee, a company specializing in social media strategy and education. Being creative, a visionary and a trend spotter, Natasha helps key decision makers

  • Understand technologies and trends in online social spaces through interactive workshops
  • Understand how web 2.0 or social media principles can enable them to have conversations with their audiences, both internally and externally

Natasha has over 13 years of hi-tech experience working for fortune 500, mid-sized and startup companies. Her experience in the private and public sectors has given her the opportunity to work in marketing, project management and sales.

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