Social Media Mom Adventures

Posted by on May 30, 2009 in Events, Training

The first ever Social Media Moms Nite Out was a blast. I have to say that most moms thought it was a great idea however it seemed very hard to get them to come downtown and away from all their responsibilities. Being a mom I absolutely understand where they are coming from. For those moms that did come out I wanted it to be more than talking about Social Media so I took some extra steps to make it special.

So we had some wine, cheese, chocolate …. and Social Media Mom Adventures. Here are some photos that I took before we started.

There was a lot of material to cover as I wanted to go through the basic tools and show how other moms use it either for personal expression, business or interact with other moms in the online communities.

Here is some information on social media moms and how they use these tools.

Social Media Moms

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I had a great time and I will definitely have more of these types of events however it will have to be where the moms are.

I hope that I inspired the moms to observe, participate and create their own social media identities and express themselves via social media.