Facebook Marketing

Posted by on Jun 23, 2009 in Training

Facebook is where Canadian’s spend most of their time. The same goes for a significant percentage of the population globally. Facebook is not just for teenagers anymore.

As a business how do you get the attention of your customers? Since they are spending their time on Facebook and not necessarily watching TV or reading newspapers.

Facebook Marketing is an interactive workshop to help businesses to use Facebook effectively as a marketing tool.

Space is limited so sign up and take advantage of the Early Bird specials.

You will learn

  • how other companies are using Facebook to Market themselves
  • advertising tool box
  • leveraging Facebook to better deliver your message
  • how to drive direct and indirect sales
  • ways to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction

Take aways

  • how to use Facebook for marketing
  • i’ts not just about Ads
  • Building a relationship with your customers
  • Having a conversation with your customers
  • Building a community on Facebook around your Brand

The end result will be better brand exposure, growth of customer base and the final result will be increase in revenue.

Space is limited so Sign up. Don’t miss an amazing opportunity to grow your business.