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Posted by on Jun 5, 2009 in Random

I read a recent article about Women in the Open Source world which lead to this post. Being a geek I love to attend various geek related events. They usually tend to have a high ratio of men to women so it was very refreshing to find out that there are some really cool geek women out there that are making amazing contributions to open source.  Here are a few, check them out.

Here is a list of some of these women. If you do know of any more do let me know.


Chani is a Canadian programmer and student… for SoC 2008 she did widgets-on-the-screensaver, and for SoC 2006 she did oscar filetransfers for kopete. She had a separate blog for that.
She discovered the internet and programming because of a game called Creatures. She faded out of that community several years ago, but once in a while she makes some attempt to revive her big project.. then gets distracted and abandon it again.


Lydia Pintscher is a software enthusiast and dedicates a lot of her free time to Amarok, KDE and Kubuntu as Community Manager of Amarok and by doing advocacy and promotion for Amarok, KDE and Kubuntu.


Stormy Peters I currently work as the executive

director of the GNOME Foundation. I also am an advisor for HFOSS, OpenSource World, IntraHealth Open and OpenLogic, as well as founder and president of Kids on Computers, a nonprofit organization setting up computer labs in developing countries.


Brenda writes and uses opensource code for telcos. She works with SMS, WAP, and embedded applications for cellphones and PDAS, realtime billing, remote data access and phone number portability. She wishes she had more Erlang projects. She sometimes talks in the 3rd person. Brenda knows life is too short to use java.


Mackenzie is a student in Washington DC. I’ve been doing Java and C for a couple of years now. I’ve worked with Python, PHP, and Javascript a little too. I’m using various GNOME apps as a way to practice C and learn GTK+ programming.


Valerie Aurora works part-time for Red Hat as a Linux file systems developer. I spend the other part of my time writing (about science, not fiction). I have a consulting company as well, VAH Consulting.


Miriam Ruiz is a Spanish engineer and a Developer in Debian, a Linux distribution. The best one, in her opinion. She is quite involved in the Games packaging, as well as in the Debian Women project. She is also quite involved in the feminist netsphere, belonging to groups like LinuxChix, Ubuntu-Women, WikiChix, ChicasLinux, Indymedia Women or Systers. She doesn’t really do that much stuff in them, mostly because she doesn’t have time to be so active everywhere, but  she fully supports them.

She is also an editor in Barrapunto, one of the most important weblogs in Spanish, and currently one of the bests sources of information about technology and geek culture in Spanish in the network.