You are nobody if you can’t be Googled

Posted by on Sep 8, 2009 in Training

I was asked to talk about LinkedIn to a group of job seekers today.  Since I only had a couple of hours to present I had a huge challenge on my hands. LinkedIn has evolved to be a very powerful social network for professionals. It is feature rich and is evolving daily. Most people don’t use it to it’s full capacity Free or paid.

The other challenge is the fundamental philosophy of sharing from the younger age demographic to the “privacy” issue of the older age demographic.

So when I actually thought about it I realized that “you are nobody if you can’t be Googled”!!!

Personal branding is becoming more important daily and there are many ways to achieve this given the tools that are available today.

So here’s my perspective from a LinkedIn perspective.

We had a great discussion and there were a lot of relevant and great questions that were asked. There was a common theme amongst the audience of sitting in front of a computer and applying for jobs!! I was quite taken aback by this as I thought that everyone knew about the hidden job market!!

I asked if anyone had tracked the time they spent looking for jobs online and the ROI of this and it seems that no one is measuring their success. I bet you if this were to be done it would be very apparent quickly that the ROI of this activity is not very high.

So if anyone out there looking for a job wants to try this experiment I would love to hear the results.

Traditional forms of job hunting, resume writing, job postings


Branding online using LinkedIn, informational interviews through reverse company checks on LinkedIn, engaging in the community.

Is anyone up for the challenge?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a LinkedIn success story that you would like to share with us?