Launching products with critical features first

Posted by on Jun 6, 2012 in Product Development

In order to launch products with critical features first there are some best practices that will ensure the success. These are

  • High value first
  • Managing distributed teams
  • User feedback is critical to product development

There are benefits and challenges associated with each of these.

High value first

Benefits Challenges
 There was a lot of focus on the high value first. Therefore always came back to what to do on a Friday night. In this case they knew who the customers were but did not get feedback until they launched some version of the product
 Keeps the team focused in getting an early version of the product out. Cost increases as it gets harder to incorporate new stories as the product develops further. Indicated by the focus and less is better section.

Managing distributed teams

Benefits Challenges
 Time difference means that there is a seemingly 24hr development cycle which in theory could speed up product development.  Time zone need more attention to preparation, planning and best approach to team communication.
 Can bring another perspective not thought of before.  Cultural differences between remote teams do effect product development. Therefore if time is not taken to get everyone on the same page, product development is slowed down due to these differences.

User feedback is critical to product development

Benefits Challenges
Users trying out the product is a great thing as they provide insight into features or functionality that the team is not aware of.  If the wrong target market are selected then the insight gained would not be appropriate and can change the direction of the product in a negative way.
                                         –  This increases the maintenance cycle due to data integrity issues etc.