What can you do if your project goes off track?

Posted by on Jul 8, 2012 in Product Development

There is no ideal solution as it depends on what stage the project is at or the customer need at a given time. Here are a few things that can be done to get that project back on track

Expand the team

Benefits – more team means shortened timelines
Liabilities – time is needed from the existing team to train and get the new members up to speed


Benefits – it works very well for a short period of time
Liabilities – after the push the team will loose productivity and in the case of contractors it will cost you extra in comp time

High value first – re-prioritize remaining features/stories

Benefit – go back to the customer and assign value to left over stories/features and prioritize them
Liabilities – value can change over time based on changes in the customers business

Be human – team not being as productive as they need to be

Benefit – taking time to socialize is important as it aids in keeping the momentum of the team, brings new information to light and opportunities for creative solutions. Happy and rested people work more effectively
Liabilities – this can add to the budget and time

Test First approach – delay due to code being overly buggy

Benefit – bring in the concept of test first approach to the team, as development times can be shortened if code is less buggy
Liabilities – this can add to the cost of the development

Re-Estimate Periodically with team velocity– keep track of project milestones, and team/individual velocity

Benefit – this helps to take the corrective action to the schedule and re-prioritization of the development
Liabilities – this is generally not the core strength of the developers and not a fun task so to speak