Man, Can She Sell!

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Guest speaking

Man, Can She Sell! Women who know a lot about selling, sharing skills we can all use is an event hosted by the Sales Professionals of Ottawa.

Sales Professionals of Ottawa


I have been invited to be part of this panel and am looking forward to sharing my “Sales” story.

Thinking back to my career, pre Virtual EyeSee, I did go by the title of Account Manager at one point. I really enjoyed that part of my career and I learnt a lot. It was not a typical sales role and I got to understand how companies develop, build, market and sell their products to their customers. This really got me to look beyond the world of technology and features and focus on the whole company as a whole and what was needed in order to sell successfully.

When I was ready to start Virtual EyeSee it gave me the foundation on how to build my own business. I combined the concepts of sales with the then up and coming social media principles, to build my business. I also brought the “sales” approach to all my client projects, to help them being successful in their vision for their programs and services.

I furthered my learning by going back to graduate school, at Carleton University, in the TIM program. Again I was forced to look beyond features and focus on value to the customer. I took these principles of business model development and  built Zeely AdventuresTM. I live through the ups and downs of sales, customer acquisition and growth.

So although I spend my time building products and services for my clients, Sales is very integral to what I do.

Come on out this Wednesday and be inspired. Don’t forget to register.