Hi, I’m Natasha D’Souza

I am a creative engineer who is passionate about helping people build and leverage technology in the most impactful way. If you want to launch a product or program Contact Virtual EyeSee. I am always happy to meet for a coffee or online and chat.

My Proud Moments

Ottawa Manning Award Nominee 2015

OCE OBI Fellowship

Chancelor Chi Entrepreneur Pitch

Carleton University President’s Certificate of Achievement

Wes Nicol Intern

Public Speaking

Interviewing Mina Lux on her success as an entrepreneur

Guest panelist at the AUCC Open Doors Event

Algonquin College – Startups and teams

Personal Projects

Techsploration video

eLearning app – Zeely Adventures

Chapter in Business Models eBook – Business Models for Entrepreneurs

Giving Back to my Community

I enjoy inspiring young soccer players to what is beyond their sport

I inspire young children to be excited about science and engineering through interactive workshops in schools

What People Say

“I am continually impressed by Natasha’s ability to generate opportunities and her skill at interacting with people. She is very personable, easy to get along with and great with people”

“Natasha would always remain engaged until the problem was adequately resolved”

I have, in no particular order ……

had my feet on either side of the Greenwich Meridian Line

camped at the southern most point of Australia

camped under the stars in winter