Mike Mansnik from TechDirt

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Mike Masnick from Techdirt is coming up. Mike is an optimist. Newspapers are disappearing. Seems like newspapers moving online. Music industry not happy about piracy. Digital business models Cloth button makers guild and how they lobbied the govt. to protect their market. The number of buttons used has grown not decreased. So social media will not make the market small but grow it. How do you capture a larger share of a larger market. So how do you make money when people are free riding. Attention & Access are key to the success of social...

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MESH Toronto 2009

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  I am very excited as MESH’09 just got underway. Just announced MESH marketing on Oct. 22. Sign up on the email list to get updates on this.  Great MESH swag Connect – magnets Share – gum Inspire –  Condoms For updates on MESH Twitter hastag #mesh09,  videos and live...

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Advertising in a Social Media world

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When the word advertising comes up in an online medium the obvious come to mind. Banner Ads, Google Ads etc. Facebook has also incorporated what they call “social ads” into their offerings. I talked about the Facebook Ads recently but what I am talking about today is something totally different. It’s the world of advertising colliding with geeks to create something really interesting and fun. What I am referring to are the fun games, quizzes, gifts that people can send for free in Facebook. We are at the tail end of Cold...

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New Media Fundamentals for Business Seminar

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I am currently demonstrating the mechanics of Blogging during the New Media Fundamentals for Business Seminar. This seminar goes through all the fundamentals of the New Media tools needed to successfully run and market a business. Here’s some feedback from the participants. UPDATE When I had initially put together this seminar I knew it was going to be really intense. The idea behind it was to give the participants a flavour of all the commonly used terms Social Media and other New Media tools in use currently examples of how businesses...

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What does Justine think?

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Here’s what Justine thinks…. Click on the image to see the full video.  Just in time for submission for...

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Facebook Ads explained

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I have been telling everyone about Social Ads and now it’s time I tried them out. The social network of choice is Facebook. It looks pretty easy to set one up. I guess I need to advertise something, hmm, how about the seminar I am giving next week. How To I have an option to create an Ad to promote the Virtual EyeSee Facebook page or a regular ad. I am going to choose a regular ad. If you don’t have a Facebook Page then the other option is via your Profile page.  The Facebook Ads are on the right hand column next to the status...

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facebook Marketplace and privacy

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I poked around on facebook’s Marketplace and found something really interesting.  facebook Marketplace is the equivalent of Kijiji or Craig’s list with a little twist.It’s the place to buy, sell and give things to people YOU KNOW. It is powered by Oodle,  more listings, smarter classifieds. It’s got the usual UI similarities like box to post whatever is for sale. There is a Browse section for the existing categories. Recent Listings or View all listings. There are a number of other tabs for Selling it Sell for a cause...

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Social Media Breakfast Ottawa 7

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Social Media Breakfast Ottawa 7 When: Wed March 11, 2009 Time: 7:30-9:00am Where: Gowlings’ Main Meeting Room, Place Bell, 160 Elgin Street, 26th Floor Guest speaker is Brady Gilchrist, President & Founder, Admodo Group He will be talking about the fundamental changes in media, how we relate to advertising and what that means for businesses. He has a little video for you all. It’s the usual...

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facebook Page update

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This afternoon I was in the middle of an interactive session and was having trouble with updates on the Virtual EyeSee Facebook Page. During that time I had noticed a few tweets about changes coming to the Facebook Pages. So here’s the scoop on the changes. In the past it looked like this It now looks like this. The new UI looks very much like a profile but it’s for a business. The Facebook Pages is great for leveraging the real connections between friends on Facebook. The Fans become brand advocates. The posts on the Page will...

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Just gettig started at Algonquin

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We are about to start my presentation at Algonquin College but we are experiencing technical difficulties, no wireless access!!! Hmm how can you use new media with no connection. I have now borrowed a computer and going to do my best to get this to work.  I decided to go with an interactive session to engage the audience. Here’s what we are doing. We’re playing tradeshow. We have a few volunteers racing the trucks.

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