Social Media for Business Marketing Round Table update

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Last nights Social Media for Business Marketing Round table was at The Code Factory, an event organized by The Ottawa Network. Since this event was downtown as opposed to the west end, I noticed quite a few new faces, awesome. The panel were highly enthusiastic and many a laugh was had by all. The discussion focused around success achieved by using various social media tools. The consensus was that for a successful social media campaign identify what problem you want to solve, your target market etc.. use the tool that works for you if that...

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From Life comes Art

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Wow what a way to start Wednesday morning. The room was filled with about 70 people at Ramius Corporation all eagerly listening to Adrian Salamunovic of DNA11. This was the first Social Media Breakfast in Ottawa. DNA11 has a very unique product, they create custom art from your DNA!!!! Pretty cool. Adrian shared his success story with us on how DNA11 was formed and his creative-out-of-the-box thinking that lead to successful sales of his products. Mark Blevis from Third Storey Productions has a podcast of the event. The next Social Media...

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Social Media for Business Marketing Round Table

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There are a tonne of great events this month. This is the home stretch before everyone takes a break in July and August. The Ottawa Network(TON) are hosting their next session at The Code Factory. When: Wednesday June 11th Time: 5:30-7:00pm Where: The code Factory, 246 Queen Street The panel includes Linda Moran: Manager, Marketing Communications at Sciemetric Instruments. Bob LeDrew: Senior Consultant at Thornley Fallis Communications, Blogger at Flacklife. Alec Saunders: CEO, co-Founder at Iotum Corporation, Blogger at

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Social Media Breakfast

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Social Media Breakfast has franchised to Ottawa. When: Tuesday, June 10th Time: 7:30 to 9:00am Where: Ramius Corporation, 55 Metcalfe St., Ste. 530 The guest speaker will be Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of DNA 11. DNA 11 pioneered the creation of personalized artwork from it’s customers DNA. The event is sold out so contact Simon Chen if you would like to...

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Everyone is talking about Twitter, Facebook is old news. So what is it? CommonCraft have put together a video to explain this. Another explanation is that it is a social messaging utility. Some interesting facts Twitter began as a R&D project from Obvious Twitter is written in Ruby on Rails it’s used by many organizations e.g. LA fire department was launched in October 2006 free social networking & micro-blogging service So how does it work? Updates are called tweets which are text based posts up to 140 characters long. These...

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Cellwand is a Canadian company that has come up with a unique product called #TAXI. When I think of taxi’s I think of some of my recent experiences with them. I spot an empty taxi and beeline towards it. I am informed that another customer has called for it and therefore it’s unavailable. So how do you find the number of the taxi companies? Since the use of mobile phones has increased it’s hard to find a telephone booth, remember those? 411 is very unhelpful and if by chance you do find the phone number chances are that you...

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Women 2.0 – Freshbooks

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Martini Tuesday was last night at the ARC Lounge. It was a success and a great time was had by all. BTW the ARC lounge has great martinis!!! The discussion was focused on software used by the different entrepreneurs for managing their invoicing and payments. The general consensus was that packages like simply accounting and quick books were not user friendly and had more of a focus on math. MYOB for mac was great however they no longer support Canada for the new versions. Kristina Mausser, of Digital Word talked about her woes with the...

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Martini Tuesday

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Martini Tuesday in coming up soon. This fun event is part of the “what’s in your technology purse?” series. The discussion will focus on the different financial tools available (aside from accountants and bookkeepers) to help you run your business. When: Tuesday, April 1 at 7:00 p.m. Where: ARC Lounge, ARC The Hotel, 40 Slater Street (b/w O’Connor & Metcalfe) Registration is on the women 2.0 wiki See you...

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Pass the Torch with Maggie Fox

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Maggie Fox is from Social Media Group and will share her experience as a leader in the social media space as well as her adventures in starting her own business. She is also the founder of Toronto Geek Girl Dinners. In keeping with the Geek Girl Dinners theme, if you are male you have to be invited by a female or bring a female with you : ) When: February 26th, 2008 Time: 6:30-8:30pm (doors open at 6:00pm) Where: Ramius Corporation, 530-55 Metcalfe Street (at Queen) 613-230-3808 x 242 Cost: $5 Register: women2.0...

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WordPress – comments

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At the bottom of a post you will generally see Comments. This gives the reader an opportunity to comment on the post as well as the writer can comment on some of the comments posted. To make a comment Click on the “Comment” link Leave a Reply Name – whatever you want as your on screen name Mail – email address is required but will not be publishes Website – URL to a website if you wish Box – toot your horn here Once done, Submit. Where do these comments go? Login into your blog, and click on the Manage tab...

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