We are a technology solutions company and we excel at finding solutions to the most challenging problems. We work with you to make your ideas come to life through technology products and solutions. Our services include all aspects of this process from idea to launch. These include

  • Understand customer vision and business requirements
  • Run feasibility studies to translate user requirements into technical specifications
  • Prioritize customer requirements to fit time and budget
  • Developed business models, customer value propositions, product differentiators
  • Usability testing using paper prototyping
  • Development of personas, use cases, mockups, wireframes, functional specifications
  • Assist with development of RFQs’, evaluation metrics for hiring vendors
  • Develop work plans and assist with monitoring of progress
  • Work with web, mobile, open source and 3rd party solutions
  • Product training
  • Product marketing, white papers, product specification/data sheets and more
  • Custom workshops related to entrepreneurship, product development and effective use of technology

Contact us to set up an appointment to talk about your idea, existing product or service.